ROI Focused Internet Marketing Campaigns

For the cost of what you'd spend at one of the big agencies on one campaign and throwing all your eggs into one basket by using one online strategy, we can diversify your online strategy by using multiple Internet Marketing principles like SEO, Paid Search, Social Media, Viral Marketing, and Email Marketing and create a SUPER campaign that leaves your competitors in the dust!

Go Social!

It's not a secret anymore that Social Media especially social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are all the hype and really the places that can make a real difference. The real secret is how to utilize these Social Channels to your advantage. We have the Social Media experience to not only create Social Media Campaigns with some sizzle but to give you the results your business deserves. 

If You Build It, They Will Come!

The reality is just having a website nowadays isn't enough. Have you seen television commercials offering "Your Very Own Website For $10/Month?" Do any of these companies even mention that once you do this that you don't even own your site? The facts are that designing and developing websites is an art and a process. We have been at the forefront of all the latest web technologies since 2005 and we've worked on some of the top web properties out there to launching several start-up sites as well. And if you're looking to "Go Mobile" with your next website project, just ask us how our responsive designs might be the solution you've been looking for.


Are you effectively leveraging Social Media Websites to increase your traffic and market your business? With the following statistics you should be and we can help!


Did you know there are:

•    750 million+ active Facebook users
•    175 million Twitter user accounts
•    3 billion video views on YouTube per day
•    10 million+ active Google Plus users

The advertising opportunities afforded by Social Media Sites are astounding. Considering the ease of use, the low costs, and the massive built-in audiences, no business can afford not to take advantage of the advertising avenues afforded by sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace. Social Media Marketing and Optimization has now become an integral part of any successful advertising campaign.

Social Media Marketing provides a measurable, effective, and creative way to drive traffic to your site and promote your brand that is basically free.  But it takes an experienced and knowledgeable partner to maximize your investment in Social Media Optimization.  By creating a robust Social Media strategy, we can access the markets of hundreds of millions of potential consumers that regularly use Social Media Sites.

•    Leverage the power of social networking to drive traffic to your site
•    Build a community around your brand, product, and/or service. 
•    Generate awareness, promote brand loyalty, and create a buzz.
•    Reach out to your target demographic and drive them to your site
•    Increase the linkability of your site with tags, bookmarking, and inbound links
•    Help your SEO rankings with site links and keywords
•    Increase visibility in social media searches on custom search engines
•    Establish ‘word of mouth’ advertising so others freely do the advertising for you

Our Strategic Social Media Marketing and Optimization Process:

Step 1 - Strategy
Our Social Media Optimization experts begin by determining the shape, look, and feel of your online presence.  We develop a strategy for each of the top Social Media sites and establish clear marketing goals for each.

Step 2 - Design
Our designers and developers will create your profiles for each of the top Social Media sites based on the agreed upon strategy.  Each profile will reflect the attitude of your company, service, and/or product and contain interesting, useful, or entertaining content (blogs, videos, etc) that will promote interest among Social Media networks.

Step 3 - Optimization

To maximize your Social Media Marketing efforts, we optimize your content by increasing the ease of tagging, bookmarking, and rewarding inbound links.  We build a community and attract friends and members by promoting your content and seeking out relevant visitors.

Step 4 - Monitor

As your online presence grows, we monitor the increased traffic to your site – who is visiting, how long they are visiting, and where they are coming from.  We also observe visitor input on your social media profiles to gain feedback and insight.

Step 5 - Analysis
As new data arrives, we adjust and readjust your social media campaign to take full advantage of the latest Internet trends.  We constantly reevaluate goals and strategies to maximize your Social Media efforts.

Learn about specific Social Media Marketing strategies on the following Social Networks:

Facebook Social Media Marketing

Twitter Social Media Marketing

YouTube Social Media Marketing

LinkedIn Social Media Marketing

MySpace Social Media Marketing

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We are an award winning Internet Marketing and Web Development Company located in the Chicago area focused on providing cost-effective solutions to the small, mid-size, and start-up business segments. Our strategic and creative Internet Marketing services continue to be focused on the principles of Search Engine Marketing and Social Media as these remain to the most cost-effective and ROI focused areas providing our clients top notch results. We also specialize in Web Development keeping up with the latest technologies keeping our client's websites at affordable prices and far superior to their competitor's sites. As we continue to grow, our mission of providing the most cost-effective and ROI focused solutions to our clients is still are main priority at DHS and will continue to be in our future success.